John Swikart, Publisher


    I’m always interested in hearing from anyone that has an interest in firearms and welcome any and all comments. I do my best to answer all my correspondence in a timely manner but the various commitments I have in life sometimes prevent me from doing so. Rest assured, I will make every effort to reply to any inquiry. Please make every effort to enjoy guns in a responsible manner and if possible, get involved in defending our cherished Second Amendment rights. The Firearms Coalition and the NRA are my two favorite pro-gun groups but there are a host of good outfits that need your help, both in terms of time and money. I guarantee you that once any right is taken away it is virtually impossible to get it back, short of bloodshed, and that is something I would really prefer we all avoid. So get out there and vote, get involved, send letters to your elected representatives, go to town hall meetings and do everything legally possible to defend your God given rights. Go buy some guns or reloading equipment to help support the industry. Otherwise, there may come a day when owning and using any sort of firearm will just be a footnote of American history. -- John Swikart